October 11 through 15

WEEK EIGHT: Days Four and Five

WEEK NINE: Days One, Two, Three

Unit Theme:

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the importance of cultural and historical impact on literary texts.

Unit Essential Question:

Why do cultures construct narratives about their experiences?

Unit Skills or Concepts:

Students will demonstrate success in creative research through project and presentation.

Today's Skills or Concepts

The student will be able to identify the requirements for the folder/scrapbook project.

The student will be able to identify the criteria for an oral presentation.


A. The teacher will review requirements for Odyssey Tour and answer any questions.

B. The teacher will present the rubric for oral presentation skills:

  • A = poise, clear articulation, proper volume, steady rate, good posture and eye contact, enthusiasm, and confidence
  • B = clear articulation; all the above with not as much polish
  • C = some mumbling, little eye contact, uneven rate, little or no expression
  • D = inaudible or too loud, no eye contact, rate too slow or too fast, seemed bored, used monotone

C. Each student will turn in an Odyssey Tour notebook or scrapbook for a grade.

D. Each student will orally present his/her Odyssey Tour project for a grade.