• Study for this week's vocabulary quiz. Quizes are always on Wednesday.
  • Know how to spell each word, its part of speech, its definition, and how to use it in a sentence.
  • [spelling, grammar, meaning, comprehension]

TERM 1: 2009 and 2010

LESSON #1 Quiz
ambiance amenable amplify antecedent anterior appalling aptitude archaic arduous artisan

LESSON #2 Quiz
couture cower cranny craven creditor criterion cubism curtail curvilinear damper

LESSON #3 Quiz
insouciant intervene inveigle irascible joust karma laconic lament languish lassitude

LESSON #4 Quiz
doldrums domain dormant draconian dromedary dulcet duress edifice efface egalitarian

LESSON #5 Quiz
choleric circumspect circumvent clone coerce confiscate continuum conundrum copious corpulent

LESSON #6 Quiz
stalactite stalagmite strife sublime succinct supine surmise surreptitious svelte symmetry

LESSON #7 Quiz
exemplar exodus exonerate expatriate extrude fetter fiasco forbearance forebode forte

End of 1st 9 weeks

LESSON #8 Quiz
lackadaisical lambaste lampoon languid latent lithe logistics maladroit malise malcontent

LESSON #9 Quiz
travail validate vent voracious waffle wince winnow wrath writhe zenith

LESSON #10 Quiz
aftermath aggrandize ajar alienate alleviate allure aloof also-ran altercation alternative

LESSON #11 Quiz
syncronize tantalize taut tawdry tenacious terse throng tome torpid torrid

LESSON #12 Quiz
courier covert crony crux cryptic cupidity curb cursory defunct demise

LESSON #13 Quiz
sundry supplant surfeit tether torque trenchant truculent truncate tyro ubiquitous

LESSON # 14 Quiz
malice malador mammoth manifest maritime mawkish mete mogul morass mottle

End of 2nd 9 Weeks

Term 2: 2009 and 2010

LESSON #15 Quiz
disconcert dishevel diurnal diverse doff dogmatic dolefull dolt don dour

LESSON #16 Quiz
portend prattle predatory prehensile presentiment pristine prodigious profound propinquity prudent

LESSON #17 Quiz
abhor abominate abridge abstruse abut abyss accolade adjunct affidavit affinity

LESSON #18 Quiz
nemesis nettle nocturnal nullify nurture obese obtrude offal officious onerous

LESSON #19 Quiz
opaque ostensible pacifist palisade palliate palpable panache pandemic panorama parable

LESSON #20 Quiz
pecuniary pedestrian perpendicular personify paradigm paragon parley patriarch patrimony pecadillo

LESSON #21 Quiz
philippic pinguid pinion pious plethora pliable plucky polarize poltroon portal

End of 3rd 9 weeks