October 4 to 8

Dear Students,

I am away this week on a photography adventure in Arizona. What follows are the notes, readings, and assignments that you will complete. Enjoy the selections and be productive.

WEEK SEVEN: Days Four and Five

WEEK EIGHT: Days One, Two, Three


As the class follows, the teacher will read to them pages 2 through 11 in the text.

The teacher will:

1. Take time occasionally for individual students to “narrate back” to the class what has been read.

2. Ask questions to help clarify certain terms written in italics.

3. Point out literary elements within the story (i.e., see the pink sections in the outside columns of the teacher’s text):

a. Setting
b. Characterization
c. Point of view
d. Plot
e. Exposition (at the beginning of the story to introduce the setting and characters)
f. Conflict and suspense
g. Climax (point of decision to resolve the conflict in the story)
h. Resolution (as the end of the story to bring conclusion)

4. Using the “Guide to Literary Terms and Techniques,” beginning on page 860 in the text, have the students prepare index cards (as their vocabulary cards this week) that include a short definition of the following terms:

a. Short story

b. Character

c. Characterization

d. Setting

e. Point of view

f. Plot

g. Conflict

h. Suspense

i. Climax

j. Resolution.


Each student will read “The Most Dangerous Game,” on pages 12 through 28 in the text.

Students will complete “Reading Check,” page 28, # 1 – 5, and “For Study and Discussion,” page 28, # 1 – 6.

[NOTE: They will turn in all these completed on Friday at the end of class or Monday if they have been working diligently but still need more time. ]