Short Story

What are the elements of literature that combine to form a short story?

What is setting how can setting affect the events and/or the outcome of a story?

What is character and how is character revealed?

What is the typical plot diagram and the elements of the plot?

What are the three types of irony and how can each affect the story's climax and denouement?

What is symbolism and how can it enhance plot and theme?

What is theme? Why is it essential? How does it relate to the reader?

How do authors uses the resources of language to impact an audience?

What role does chaos play in the creative process?

What makes a "good" story?

Can literature serve as a vehicle for social change?

How are belief-systems represented and reproduced through literature?

How doe the study of literature help individuals construct an understanding of reality?

Why is it important for people and cultures to construct narratives about their experience?

Are there universal themes in literature that are of interest or concern to all cultures and societies?